GTab Sleep of Death

NO Sleep of Death!


Do you have the Sleep of Death?

Many users of the ViewSonic G-Tablet experience what is commonly called the “Sleep of Death” (SOD). I do not have such a problem.

First, most of what we assume is the SOD is probably the result of holding the power button just a bit longer than necessary to turn the GTab back on. With most custom ROMs, the CPU is overclocked and set to vary the speed according to other factors (need or battery condition). Generally, the CPU is powered down to 216mhz during sleep. When powered back on, it takes a few seconds for the screen to turn on due to the other activity of the CPU running at a very slow speed. When we continue to hold the power button down (waiting for a response), it actually triggers a shutdown. It is only natural that users assume this to be some lockup that is called the SOD. In actuality, the GTab is just powered off and must be powered back on normally.

Second, turning the max CPU speed down probably does nothing related to the SOD. Some users have suggested various ways to help with the SOD. One of those is to turn down the max speed of the CPU (or turn off overclocking entirely). That will help with lockups. When you are running full speed (overclocked at 1400mhz) under a heavy load, the CPU will heat up and sometimes lock up the device. That requires that you hold the power button until a reboot occurs. If you reduce the MAX CPU to 1200mhz, it will fix the lockups. However, it does nothing for the SOD.

To FIX the SOD, INCREASE the min CPU speed. I have mine set to ~350mhz. That will make the wake-up more responsive. I hit the power button QUICKLY and release. It still takes a couple seconds but it ALWAYS comes on.

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12 Responses to GTab Sleep of Death

  1. David says:

    Is there a way to change the CPU settings on an original gtab?

    • Ray says:

      By “original” I suppose that you mean, having the stock Tap-n-Tap software? Since that software (AFAIK) does not support the Google Play Store, then it would be difficult to do much of anything with it.
      With a device that is that old, what have you got to lose by trying to root it? A rooted GTab is a reasonably good tablet that you can change the settings for almost everything.
      Start here:

  2. Carl Smith says:

    I flashed the smoother jellybean mod everything was working great until today when i went to luch
    I pushed the power button to put it to sleep and when I got back from lunch it would not turn back on. I put it in the cradle to charge and the charge light came on red now it is green I tried to turn it on in thr cradle and out of the cradle and nothing happens it is just a black screen I can’t boot into recovery or anything any ideas

    • Ray says:

      Sometimes it can be a bit strange about the power off. Just hold the power button for a minute or so without releasing it. Then, release it. It should be powered off completely. Then, just TAP the power button once. It should power on and be fine.

  3. daniel Nanton says:

    Hi,I have changed the minimum speed of the CP to 450mhz, but it still won’t come back from the sleep mode.

    I am using cpumaster, have it set to start on boot, and it does work but still am unable to start normally the tablet after it goes to sleep, having to wait for the 2 minutes of the complete boot process.

    I am using flashback 10.3, bootloader 1.2.

    Any ideas on what to try?

    • Ray Waldo says:

      I am having the same issue. The devs suggest flashing a different kernel. See the slatedroid forum.
      Or, if you could go back to 10.1.

  4. Benjamin says:

    Do you use an app, such as setCPU or the rom has setting to do it.

  5. Christopher says:

    Hi Ray
    Please confirm how you set your CPU speed.
    I’m running same version of HC but with BL 1.1

    • Ray Waldo says:

      I set the min to around 300mhz (the slider is difficult to get exact.
      I set the max to 1200mhz.
      With GTabCom, this give me GREAT results. No lockups (from overheating due to running the CPU too fast and too hard. And, no Sleep of Death (SOD) due to the CPU running TOO slow and not waking up as quickly as I (or other users) think it should. When you rush it, you tend to hit the power button enough that it actually does a power reset. Hence, people THINK that their tab was locked up while asleep and could only be started with a reboot.

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