Jelly Bean for the Kindle Fire

Video demonstration: installing Jelly Bean for the Kindle Fire!

Updated 02/25/2013

This particular guide is for a ROOTED Kindle Fire (first version – NOT the HD). If you have the KF HD and it is already rooted, it MAY work but since I do not have the HD (I sent it back to Amazon because I did not like it), I cannot say if it will work or not.

How & What You Need:

Jelly Bean for the Kindle Fire: This process is completed online using the Goo Manager app (from the Play Store) and does not require any special software – or even a computer! It is all done on a ROOTED Kindle Fire. If you have not yet rooted your KF, then visit our guide here.

This ROM is so stable that my wife used it every day and – even though she was a total newbie to computers & tablets – she had no issues! The particular (Jelly Bean) ROM is not too significant. You can select any of the compatible ROMS listed in Goo Manager and they will probably work just as well.

Here is a video of it in action:

Install a CUSTOM ROM (Including Jelly Bean)

Jelly Bean Android

This is a short course on how to add/flash a custom ROM to your ROOTED Kindle Fire. If you have not yet rooted it, then follow our guide here: http://bishoptec.com/2012/01/kindle-fire-works-great/

Confused? Click here to read our “Rooting Tips for Noobs” article. 

You can use the Goo Manager app (available on the Play Store) to install TWRP, download the ROM & Gapps zip files, back up the existing system, wipe / restore to factory, & flash the downloaded zips. (To install TWRP with Goo, just select the “Flash ROM” option and it will step you through the process.)

From Goo Manager: 

  1. Browse compatible ROMs
  2. Drill down to a particular ROM (select from any of the lists since they are all “compatible”)
  3. Download the ROM file
  4. Be patient (watch the download in the notifications)
  5. Follow the on screen directions

Alternately, just Download ROM & GApps for JB. Then, boot into TWRP and complete the following process (same for any compatible ROM): Here is the link to the XDA thread for one of the best Jelly Bean ROMs available for the Kindle Fire (first gen):  [JB 4.2.2] CM10.1/SGT7 for the Kindle Fire [20130223]

  1. Backup your existing system
  2. Wipe cache & dalvik 
  3. Suggested: Reset to Factory
  4. Flash the zip for the custom ROM 
  5. Flash the zip with the GApps
  6. Reboot & enjoy!
 Leave a comment and let us know how it worked for you…

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