How to UN-Brick a Nook Tablet (8gb or 16gb)

How to UN-Brick a Nook Tablet (8gb or 16gb)

This guide shows you how to clear a bricked Nook Tablet in less than 5 minutes! It uses a bootable MicroSD Card with the repart.img created by Meghd00t. We include links to all the required files, step-by-step instructions, and a demo video.  For an introduction to rooting and descriptions of other options, see our article… Intro to Rooting & Modding Nook Tablet.


How to create the bootable MicroSD Card. If you have already created the SDCard, just skip to the “Procedure” for the heart of the guide.


1. Format your SDCard 

  • If using a NEW Sandisk MicroSD Card, you could skip to the “Burn” section
  • Insert your MicroSD Card into an adapter and connect to your computer.
  • Open the SDFormatter program and select the driveID that Windows assigned to your SD card
  • Click “Format” and click through (ignore) any warning messages
  • Close the SDFormatter program
  • Remove the MicroSD Card

2. Burn the image to SDCard

  • Insert your MicroSD Card into an adapter and connect to your computer.
  • Unzip the bn_142_factory_recovery.zip file to your desktop
  • In the folder that is extracted, is a file named “repart.img” (without quotes)”
  • Copy (or move) the repart.img file to the same folder where the Image Writer program is installed
  • Execute the “Win32diskimager“.program
  • You will see a field called “Image path” that should be populated with the repart.img. If not, click on the folder icon next to the field and locate the file.
  • Next to that is a “Drive path” dropdown. It should be defaulted to the drive that Windows assigned to your SD card. If not, select the DriveID for your card.
  • Click on “Write” and click “OK” to the popup dialog.
  • WAIT until the program displays “DONE
  • Remove the MicroSD Card from your computer

Be sure to LABEL the card with a WARNING! This card is DANGEROUS if misused!! An appropriate label might be: “Restore to STOCK!” It should be something significant so that no one will ACCIDENTALLY  insert the card in a Nook and wipe out their configuration.


Instructions on how to use this Bootable MicroSD Card to clear a “Bricked” Nook Tablet (either 8GB or 16GB). The procedure will take less than 5 minutes.

NOTICE:  This procedure will wipe everything from your Nook’s internal SDCard and restore it to factory (stock) B&N 1.4.2 software.Green Checkmark


  • Completely power off your Nook (hold the power button for 30 secs)
  • Put the “Restore to Stock” SD Card in your Nook Tablet
  • Power on the Nook – Press the Power button until you see the “n” screen.
  • Skip this step UNLESS the Nook does NOT boot to the “n” screen: Power off, reset the SDCard, & begin this section again. If your Nook continually fails to boot to the SDCard, you probably will have to rebuild the card.
  • Within about 15 seconds, you should see a messsge “Please DO NOT turn off your device…..installing new software”
  • Do NOT DO ANYTHING until a green checkmark appears at the top right corner (opposite the corner with the SD slot).
  • When the green checkmark appears, remove your SD card from your Nook Tablet.
  • If you get a Red “X” instead of the checkmark, see the error notice at the bottom of this page for some options.
  • If you get the checkmark, Do NOT DO ANYTHING unless instructed to do so…Clearing Data
  • The Nook will restart itself
  • After about 15 seconds, a message displays “Clearing Data
  • A few moments later, you will see a message displaying “Installing factory Software…Do not Turn off your device”
  • Once the above process finishes, your Nook will restart itself one more time
  • After the Nook finishes booting, you will be see the regular Nook setup screen with the lady offering to present an intro video.
  • Continue with the setup and registration.


If this procedure fails, try one of these:

The result of this procedure is to return your Nook to an entirely STOCK configuration. It will NOT be “rooted” or customized in any way. There should be no trace of any prior apps, ROMs, or other customization. According to which version of the repart.img you used, the userdata partition may be enlarged (or not) but this can be done at the B&N store as well – therefore, the Nook is still “stock.”

As always, your feedback is important. Please leave a comment and tell us what is good and/or bad about this guide & how it can be improved.


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