How to BRICK a Nook Tablet (8gb)

Bricked Nook?

CAUTION! This is not a joke. You do NOT want to do this unless you are CERTAIN that you can recover from it. The reason I posted this article was to describe the situation and lead users to a resolution.

This article describes how a BRICKED Nook may look and look and act. It explains some of the reasons that an electronic device may be bricked. And, finally, it links to the recovery process to UN-brick a Nook.

Here is a video of what I did to Brick my device:


The term “bricked” is generally used to describe a smart phone or tablet (or similar device) that has become unusable and is about as valuable as a brick. The good news is that — unless there is a hardware failure — most such devices are NOT terminally dead. Some people are now using the term “soft bricked” to describe the situation when a user does something to lock up a device, but when it is very likely that there are (or soon will be) tools that can UN-brick the device.


  • Looping: A device is considered “looping” when it continually reboots (sometimes called a “boot loop”), or if it keeps switching between specific screens or logos.
  • Stuck: A device that is “stuck” will continually display the same screen and is non-responsive.
  • Dead: A dead device generally has a black screen and appears to be totally unresponsive.


Bricked devices are almost always the victims of users trying to install some firmware that was not designed for the device. This includes custom recovery programs (such as ClockWorkMod, CWM), Custom ROMs (operating systems & user interfaces), specialized kernels (basic operating systems), or new “boot loaders”, etc.


  1. The first thing that must be done for a  “bricked” device is to be sure that it is powered off. This can usually be done by holding the power button down for an extended time (30 seconds to a few minutes). If this does not work, you could just leave the device for a few days until the battery is completely discharged and the device shuts off. If you are very brave, you might be willing to remove the cover and disconnect the battery from the device.
  2. The second thing is to try to get the device to boot into its “recovery” mode. If the battery is discharged, then you will need to charge the battery again before proceding. How to get into recovery mode is different for each device BUT if you were trying to install some new firmware, then you probably were using the recovery mode to do it. Using ClockWorkMod Recovery.
  3. The third thing is to try to restore from a previous backup. You DID do a backup before you tried some questionable action, didn’t you? How to Backup Your Nook using CWM. How to Restore Nook.
  4. The final measure to repairing a bricked device is to use some specialized recovery tool. This will be different for each device. In this case (for the Nook Tablet), I have found such a tool and I demonstrate its use in the next article & video. Nook Un-Brick Tool:  Visit this article: How To UN-Brick a Nook – YouTube Video

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