GTab Sleep of Death

NO Sleep of Death!


Do you have the Sleep of Death?

Many users of the ViewSonic G-Tablet experience what is commonly called the “Sleep of Death” (SOD). I do not have such a problem.

First, most of what we assume is the SOD is probably the result of holding the power button just a bit longer than necessary to turn the GTab back on. With most custom ROMs, the CPU is overclocked and set to vary the speed according to other factors (need or battery condition). Generally, the CPU is powered down to 216mhz during sleep. When powered back on, it takes a few seconds for the screen to turn on due to the other activity of the CPU running at a very slow speed. When we continue to hold the power button down (waiting for a response), it actually triggers a shutdown. It is only natural that users assume this to be some lockup that is called the SOD. In actuality, the GTab is just powered off and must be powered back on normally.

Second, turning the max CPU speed down probably does nothing related to the SOD. Some users have suggested various ways to help with the SOD. One of those is to turn down the max speed of the CPU (or turn off overclocking entirely). That will help with lockups. When you are running full speed (overclocked at 1400mhz) under a heavy load, the CPU will heat up and sometimes lock up the device. That requires that you hold the power button until a reboot occurs. If you reduce the MAX CPU to 1200mhz, it will fix the lockups. However, it does nothing for the SOD.

To FIX the SOD, INCREASE the min CPU speed. I have mine set to ~350mhz. That will make the wake-up more responsive. I hit the power button QUICKLY and release. It still takes a couple seconds but it ALWAYS comes on.

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