VOIP: Ooma still on top

Telephone service has come a LONG way!

Old TelephoneI have used the Ooma Hub as my primary phone service since 2009. However, when I switched from AT&T DSL to Charter Cable as my ISP, a problem with the service gave me cause for concern. I began to question the Ooma device.

But, I was wrong. As a result of the incident, I discovered several things about Ooma that reinforced my already positive opinion of the service. After I got the service working again, I waited for two months before posting here to assure that the problem really was resolved. (It had to do with the “RTP Jitter” and “RTP Packet Loss.”)

Here are the things that I learned from this experience:

  1. They warrant their hardware for one year
  2. They offer excellent support (but you must PRESS them for escalated support)
  3. Their product is rock solid

The problem that I experienced eventually was resolved by reconfiguring my network – Neither Ooma nor the ISP were at fault. However, when I asked, Ooma sent me a second Hub at no cost – under the warranty. Charter Internet (via their “http://www.charter.com/Umatter2Charter” service) fixed the problem (by re-configuring or re-provisioning or something) when they fixed the Jitter issue.

The end result is that I STILL see Ooma as the best VOIP alternative! Now the price of the Ooma Hub (which I use and recommend) is down to $220. However, the price of their Premier Service (which you may also want to consider) is up to $120 per year. Still an excellent price when the cost is extended over a two year period. (NOTE: if you purchase the Telo, you are REQUIRED to pay the $120 per year, but with the Hub, it is optional.)

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