Ooma Better than MagicJack or Vonage

About three weeks ago I published an article about:

How to get free local and long distance phone service for life!

The way it is done is by purchasing a device called an Ooma Hub.

The device retails for $250. The Ooma Hub (my recommendation) is available for $219.  Once purchased, you have access to the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service from Ooma for as long as you have the device.

Of course, VOIP service requires that you have a broadband Internet connection – but you have that already, don’t you? As I pointed out in the original review, this option is (IMHO) BETTER than Vonage, MagicJack or Skype. It does NOT require a computer (like MagicJack) and costs a lot less than Vonage or similar services. Actually, averaged over a couple of years, the Ooma service is probably less expensive than any other VOIP alternative – Plus, it offers a lot more functionality.

Unless you choose the “Premium” service (which adds a few really nice functions at a cost of about $100 per year), all of  your local and long distance calling is free as soon as you activate the device with Ooma. It does not matter if you are providing service to your home or business – all calls are FREE!

The previous article described my initial impressions of the device and the associated service. After three weeks of EXCLUSIVELY using the service for my home phone, I believe I am ready to give my recommendation….

I like it a lot!

As a matter of a fact, I have ported my old AT&T phone number to the device and turned off the AT&T service as of yesterday.

Everything that I said in my original article has proven to be accurate. The call quality is every bit as good (if not better) than the AT&T service. Customer Service is available at about the same quality & times as it was with AT&T. The physical construction of the device appears to be first quality. Even the packaging of the device was first rate!

Although I did some “creative installation” with the device, it still works exactly as described on the Ooma site and in my previous review. The difference of my installation is that I do not need the “Scout” and all of my original home phone outlets are still active and work exactly as before. I can plug in any  off-the-shelf standard phone in any of the outlets and it will work the same as if you plugged it into a jack in your home.

Since I ported my original number, my outgoing calls register my same phone number on the called phone. To date, the NAME portion of the CallerID does not display my name. I suspect that will automatically correct after a short period of use with the new number.

Leave a comment below if you are interested in this service. I give it my HEARTY RECOMMENDATION! Let’s  boot the monopolistic phone companies from our homes & businesses!!

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