Private Networks – Public Internet – What is the difference?

Private Networks - Public Internet
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Private Networks – Public Internet – What is the difference? Preface In this series of articles, I have been developing a plan for a low-cost video surveillance system for your home. Video surveillance is only one of the exciting new technologies for the “connected home.” With all the new technologies for the … Continue reading

Facebook Messenger Replacement – Chat Re-Enabler

Facebook Messenger Replacement

Facebook Messenger Replacement The Facebook application is a HUGE app (in size, memory requirements, and battery drain) and the Messenger app is likewise huge. Plus, both apps require many more “permissions” (read, potential privacy violations) than would seem logical. (For more about this, see our previous article, “Solution to Facebook … Continue reading

FreedomPop – Free Mobile Phone Service

FreedomPop free wireless phone service

Free Mobile Phone Service In today’s world, is anything really free? Well, FreedomPop (link) advertises “100% Free Mobile Phone & High Speed Internet Service.” It even includes 4G LTE speeds! All without contracts or hassle and you can cancel at any time. Users of the FreedomPop free service get 500 … Continue reading